5 Ways to Make a Mask Look Fashionable & stylish

How to Make a Mask Look Cute

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, a life without masks is not in our near future, so we might as well learn to embrace our masks. In this post, I explore some things you can do to make your mask look cute and fashionable by accessorizing and styling it as part of your outfit.

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Ditch the Surgical Mask

At this point, fashionable masks are pretty easy to find at affordable prices. So, why on earth are people still wearing the blue surgical masks?  Unless you’re a health care provider, or it’s Halloween and you’re dressed as a health care provider, it’s really time to ditch the surgical masks. Put them in the glove box of your car for emergencies, but don’t plan on leaving the house with them on intentionally.

There is one exception to this. The black disposable face mask has recently emerged as a stylish option. In fact, celebrities are now routinely sporting the black disposable. Check out black disposable face mask options such as these on Amazon!

Consider the Mask Part of Your Outfit

When you’re getting dressed in the morning, and you’re picking out your clothes for the day, pick out your mask too. Think about it like you think about your shoes, as part of your outfit. After all, you wear it on your face. So, it shouldn’t be an after thought.

Treat the Pattern on Your Mask the Same Way as Your Clothes

Would you wear a Hawaiian print shirt with a houndstooth jacket? Probably not, unless you were intentionally going for a special look with that combo. But I often see women doing this with their masks. If you have a great patterned mask, choose one prominent color in the pattern and wear that solid color prominently in your outfit. This will pull the mask and your outfit together and make your pattern shine. Or you can do the opposite. Wear a bold patterned piece such as a top or jacket, choose one prominent color from it and wear a solid color mask in that color. The overall look of either option will look really pulled together.  

Accessorize with Your Mask

I get it, this sounds a little extreme. But your mask is on your face, so why not make a statement? For example, consider an Audrey Hepburn’s Beatnik look in Funny Face – black pedal pushers with a slim-fitting black turtleneck top. Now add a pair of animal print shoes and matching mask? Talk about a modern take on a sophisticated classic!

Put Together a Collection of Masks

One way to ensure you have masks that work with every outfit is to put together a nice collection of masks and organize them wear you can easily see them. This is a similar idea to what you might do with your jewelry. I have installed a couple of hooks in my closet and hang my mask collection on them. The masks are easy to see while I’m choosing my clothes in the morning.

Reserve Logo Masks for Specific Occasions

It seems like everyone is making logo masks these days, and that’s great. But treat your logo masks as you would logo t-shirts. For example, wear your sports masks to watch a game or your masks containing athletic logos to work out.

Keep it Simple

Sometimes you need to just keep it simple. In these cases, plain neoprene masks are often your best bet. Check out these simple, easy to clean reusable masks by Face Masks Avenue. Face Masks Avenue

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