Ways to Wear this Year’s Hottest Pattern – Leopard Print

Leopard print jacket

One of 2020s hottest prints, is actually a well established fashion staple, which in many ways is as classic as penny loafers and a good pea coat. Leopard print is a definite style maker this year and its versatility makes it easy to add to your fall and winter wardrobe. This post will explore a few different ways to incorporate Leopard print into your wardrobe.

Barely a decade passes when a fashion icon doesn’t rock a good Leopard print. From Ava Garder in the 1950s, to Jennifer Lopez in 2013, to Paris Hilton earlier this year, Leopard print is a great way to add some pop to your wardrobe this fall.

And I don’t know about you, but a full-length Leopard print gown is a little out of my comfort zone. But whether you’re classic, chic, bohemian or grunge, there’s sure to be way to add a little Leopard print to your unique look.

Try one of these options:

Hair Accessories

Add a little feline to your mane with hair accessories such as Scrunchies or hair bands.

Belts and Bags

Sprinkle a dash of Leopard print to your outfit with a belt or a bag.  

Scarves and Wraps

Warm up or style up with a Leopard print scarf.

Jackets and Cardigans

Give a classy monochromatic look a dash of color with a bold Leopard print jacket or cardigan.


Add a pair of Leopard print flats or heels to your collection. Now’s a great time to find Leopard print sneakers as well. With so many companies offering custom sneakers these days, you could even create a pair that are truly your own.  

Face mask

Don’t forget your face! In 2020, a mask is one more opportunity to add a little pizzazz to your ensemble. For more on this idea, read my post on How to Make Your Mask Look Stylish.

Skirts and Tops

Consider a Leopard print skirt or top for a seriously chic outfit.

Photo by Elaine Rystead on Unsplash

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