Test Your Wellness in Just 10 minutes a Week

What’s going on inside your body? Actually though, have you ever thought about that?

We take supplements, we try to eat healthy foods, but we don’t actually know if they are changing our body. Are they helping us or not?

Well I just found an amazing new program that actually gives us the answer in just 10 minutes!


Vessel actually tells you what your body needs, and all it takes is a little pee and your cell phone. No, you don’t have to pee on your cell phone 🤣

All you do is pee on the Vessel wellness card, take a photo with your app, and it will tell you your levels of different wellness markers like Magnesium, Hydration, Vitamin C and others. Vessel even tests for Ketones!

If that’s not cool enough, in the app you can chat with your own Nutritional Coach that can help answer your questions and give you tips and specific action items you can take around your nutrition, supplementation, and lifestyle based on your results and your goals.

If you want more energy during the day, better sleep, and a more consistent mood – Vessel is for you!

Okay the best part – you can get all this for just $40 a month!

And since you’re an Older, Wiser, Hotter follower you get 20% off your first month!

Just use this link to try Vessel at a 20% Discount. You’ll love it!

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